Game Releases 1/20 – 1/26

January 20th, 2008 . by Josh

Playstation 3:

  • Burnout Paradise

Xbox 360:

  • Burnout Paradise


  • Endless Ocean
  • One Piece: Unlimited Advenutre
  • Kawasaki Jet Ski
  • No More Heroes

Nintendo DS:

  • Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

If you have a Playstation 3 and you buy Burnout Paradise for the Xbox 360, then I officially hate you.

Game Release 1/13 – 1/19

January 13th, 2008 . by Josh


  • CSI: Hard Evidence
  • Furu Furu Park
  • Samurai Warriors: Katana
  • Nitrobike

Nintendo DS:

  • Miami Nights: Singles in the City
  • Nanostray 2
  • Corvette Evolution GT

Xbox Live: Be Aware

January 10th, 2008 . by Josh

For the amount of Xbox Live users out there, you would think more people would be aware of such problems that they may face. It’s only to be expected, the more popular a service becomes, the more danger their users are in.

Over at XBL Radio and Platform Nation podcast host INFECTEDPB503 and chiahippo held a interview with two victims of social engineering. Please be sure to give this interview a listen to understand the risks your Xbox Live account could be in danger of. Sure it may not happen to everyone, but just be aware of the situation.

To understand more on social engineering please click here.
For a direct link to the interview click here. (right click and select Save As)

Critical Strike 14: Cry Me A River / Epic Fail / Lipstick On A Pig

January 7th, 2008 . by Josh

With this episode, we’ve completed our name change from Playgasm Podcast to Critical Strike. Welcome. We hope you’ll enjoy it. Here’s what we’ve discussed within this latest release:

* What we’ve been up to.
* Top 5 worst gaming moments… ever.
* Video game music challenge.
* Our final discussion is why we believe gaming is a better form of entertainment than books, porn, movies etc.

If you’d like to submit a answer to the video game music challenge, please go over to the forums and private message (me) Josh with your answer. By some slim chance you enjoyed this episode, please give us a review on the iTunes music store. Thanks!

The transition music in this episode go in this order: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings, Contra 4

Game Releases 1/6 – 1/12

January 6th, 2008 . by Josh

 Playstation 2:

  • Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition
  • Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
  • Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of Destiny

Playstation Portable:

  • The Sims Carnival: Bumper Blast
  • The Sims Carnival: SnapCity

Playstation 3:

  • NFL Tour

Xbox 360:

  • Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
  • NFL Tour


  • Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
  • Kidz Sports: Ice Hockey
  • Kidz Sports: International Soccer
  • Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge
  • Nitrobike, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Nintendo DS:

  • Brain Challenge
  • Jackass: The Game DS


Playgasm Episode 13: Hello, Goodbye, Hello!

December 24th, 2007 . by Josh

 We're back, but are we REALLY back? Yes! This just happens to be our final podcast under the name Playgasm, we're moving on to our new name Critical Strike.

This episode we all finally got back together to talk about our top five games of 2007, the good the bad and the Kyle of 2007 and of course the video game music challenge. If you'd like to submit an answer to the video game music challenge then please go over to our forum, register and private message me (Josh) with your answer. 

Where are they now?

November 22nd, 2007 . by Josh

So it's been about late October since our last release, but what have we been up to since then? Well lots of stuff has been going on that has held us from actually doing a recording. Personal issues, work, family related things.

But fear not! We will be returning very shortly, the only difference is it will no longer be under the Playgasm name. That's right! We are no longer the Playgasm Podcast!

Be sure to check back for a new release soon and to see our new name! Until then, remember… Keith loves you all! (except Kyle)

Playgasm Episode 12: Keith’s Return!

October 21st, 2007 . by Josh

The title says it all, thats ALL you need to know. Keith is indeed, back! He came out of his two week retirement just to tell us how much he loathed Pokemon and several other over hyped games in this episodes top 5. Those who love Kyle, well you'll be sad as he decided to do other things in his life besides sit here and record this with us.

If you would like to submit a answer to the video game music challenge, please head over to our forum and private message Josh. Please give us a digg as well! 

Game Releases 10/21 – 10/27

October 20th, 2007 . by Josh

Playstation 2:

  • Spongebob: Atlantis Squarepantis
  • King of Fighters XI
  • High School Musical
  • Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Moto GP 07
  • The Sims 2: Castaway

Playstation Portable:

  • Warriors of the Lost Empire
  • The Sims 2: Castaway
  • Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles

Playstation 3:

  • Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights
  • Eye of Judgment
  • Clive Barker's Jericho
  • Ratatouille
  • Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
  • Conan

Xbox 360:

  • Clive Barker's Jericho
  • Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
  • Tomb Raider Anniversary
  • Conan
  • Naruto: Rise of a Ninja


  • Nicktoons: Attack of Toybots
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
  • Namco Museum Remix
  • EA Playground
  • The Sims 2: Castaway
  • Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution

Nintendo DS:

  • Super Collapse 3
  • Ed, Edd & Eddy: Scam of the Century
  • Phoenix Wright: Trials & Tribulations
  • Mega Man ZX Advent
  • Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots
  • Spongebob: Atlantis Squarepantis
  • Spanish for Everyone
  • Naruto: Path of the Ninja
  • Chessmaster
  • Imagine: Master Chef
  • Imagine: Babyz
  • Imagine: Fashion Designer
  • Imagine: Animal Doctor
  • The Sims 2: Castaway
  • EA Playground
  • Front Mission
  • LifeSigns Surgical Unit
  • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Circle of Spies
  • Zoo Hospital +
  • Jackass: The Game
  • Solitaire Overload

Playgasm Episode 11: Smashed Dreams

October 15th, 2007 . by Josh

Kyle and I return this week, Keith has been over worked so he was sleeping. Much talk of Orange Box, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and the lack of Super Smash Bros: Brawl this year, what more can you ask for?

Of course, we weren't going to be lazy this week so the video game music challenge returns along side of this weeks top 5 discussion.

Please give us a digg and enjoy. 

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