European Zelda Case Looks Pimp

December 12th, 2006 . by jb

TP GC BoxThey may have gotten the shaft in terms of Wii hardware, but European's get this sexed out Twilight Princess box as consolation.  Yeah, it's for the GameCube, but look at it!

I have to say, I was a little disappointed when people who pre-ordered Zelda didn't get any perks.  Spose it's just the result of the game being a launch title…


Our TP box looks like a Wii Sports game sleeve compared to this thing!

[Source: GoNintendo

UK Dragon Ball Z Game Additions

December 12th, 2006 . by Josh

Japanese developer Spike announced that the UK version of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for the Nintendo Wii will have a few extra things within it that the United States version lacks.

The UK version of the game will feature a new battle arena and six more fighters for UK gamers to beat down.

[Source: IGN

More Wii Battery Suckage

December 12th, 2006 . by Josh

That is of course, if you buy this new Wii wireless sensor bar. But what exactly is the point? The Nintendo sensor bar has a nice long wire, it's very thin so it can be hidden easily and it's powered by the Wii itself, not batteries. The product itself appears to boast these features:

  • Uses Wii Standard 3-8 foot ideal range
  • Setup and use in seconds with 1 button design
  • On / Off switch with Red LED indicator
  • 48+ hrs of gameplay battery life
  • Adhesive strip on bottom for easy mounting
  • Uses 9 Volt battery (extended life)
  • Designed, produced, and tested in America!
  • No more tripping over the cord!

No more tripping over the cord? If you can't stick that wire from the default Nintendo bar behind your tv, you deserve to trip. But this wireless Wii sensor bar will run your wallet for $24 with $12 shipping and handling, or an extra $45 for overnight shipping.

[Source: Kotaku

Square Enix Announcement

December 12th, 2006 . by Josh

Well as I posted yesterday, Square Enix was going to be having a announcement for today. That said, it leads us to Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS. It comes, atleast to myself as a shock for them to release this on the DS.

Nintendo will definately profit from one of Square Enix's  most popular franchises being released on their most popular hand held. This is either a match made in hell, or if Square Enix can pull it off correctly, a perfect game for the stylus based hand held.

 [Source: Joystiq]

Take-Two Football Comeback?

December 11th, 2006 . by Josh

Am I physic or what, while playing Madden NFL 07 on the Xbox 360 yesterday with Keith, I mentioned that it would be neat if Take-Two made a football game with a different roster and such.

Today at work while reading the Kotaku RSS feed they have an article on how 2k Sports (Take-Two) will be making a football game next year based on historical players. This is good news for us, although, yeah it's historical football and all, but it's still competition for EA's Madden NFL which I believe has become extremely stale. Heres what IGN has to say:

"2K fans need to brush up on historical players (how can you play a game with legends if you can't tell Steve Young from Steve Bono?). And EA Sports is going to come out blazing with new features in Madden to try and hold off the throwback phenomenon Visual Concepts will finally announce sometime after the new year."

Hopefully all this will come true, and 2k Sports will get back to making a good football game, with an actual football feel, which like Kotaku said, "this rumored competition will light a fire under EA and Tiburon"

[Source: Kotaku

One Zelda Up, One Zelda Down

December 11th, 2006 . by jb

ZeldaWith the latest issue of Game Informer in hand,
The Hylia is reporting some bad and good news.

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass?  Delayed!

Zelda: Wii 2?  Already a year into development!

I was never a big fan of Wind Waker, so I don't know if Hourglass is going to make me happy or not.  It slipping isn't anywhere nears as big of news as the next Zelda iteration coming down the pipe sooner then later!

It's lame of me, but I'm already excited about this new Zelda title, even though I'm not even done with this one.  Because I'm bored of TP already, you ask?  Nay!  Because I've been doing a lot of party-style Wii'ing and I haven't had time to myself!

Hit the jump to discover what I want and don't want in the next Zelda title.

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Virtual Console Updates

December 11th, 2006 . by Josh

Well Monday is now upon us and soon Nintendo will grace us with more crap we don't want. But all is not lost, you still have Zelda, right? Anyway Nintendo is still releasing games that not everyone is all excited about, but they're games none-the-less so I suppose that will do.

  • Ice Hockey (NES)
  • Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Sega)
  • Gunstar  Heros (Sega)
  • Alien Crush (TurboGrafx16)

Still no games that I really want, Nintendo keeps letting me down with the releases of Virtual Console games. In the end though, does it matter? With Nintendo releasing four games a week you're going to be getting the games you want sooner, rather than them using a one game a week release system like Microsoft.

[Source: Kotaku

Game Releases 12/10 – 12/16

December 10th, 2006 . by Josh

Here is the list of games being released this week.

Playstation 3:

  • Blazing Angels
  • Sonic the Hedgehog

Playstation 2:

  • College Hoops 2k7

Playstation Portable:

  • Shrek Smash and Crash
  • Blitz: Overtime

Xbox 360:

  • Star Trek: Legacy
  • Rapala Trophies


  • Chicken Little: Ace in Action
  • World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champs
  • Elebits
  • Far Cry: Vengance
  • Super Swing Golf
  • Metal Slug Anthology


  • Lionel Trains: On Track
  • Naruto 4 (Import)
  • Star Wars: Lethal Alliance
  • Jump! Super Stars (Import)


  • Rayman: Raving Rabbids
  • World War II Online: Battleground Europe
  • Rainbow Six: Vegas
  • Model Train 3D
  • Air Cargo Pilot
  • Hipsoft Puzzle Game Collection
  • Football Mogul 2007
  • Alexey's Dwice
  • Wizard's War Chest

Yeah, this is defiantly a crappy week for games unless you own a Nintendo Wii or even Playstation 3.

Wii Hacking Site is…GO!!!

December 8th, 2006 . by jb has officially opened it's doors to the Nintendo underground.  The site proposes to be having a weekly video of the latest Wii hack in action.

Their first hack involves testing of household items as replacements for the sensor bar.

So what do they test and how do they do?

  • Christmas Lights?  Check
  • Christmas Ornaments?!  Check
  • Two PSPs?!  CHECK!  (barely)

This site has a lot of potential, as I'm sure there will be plenty of Wii hacks in the future.

Hopefully they'll figure out a hack so you can play Wii games online!

I still love you Ninty… 

[Source: WiiHacking101

New Wii Straps Released

December 8th, 2006 . by jb

Bag CatThe cat is still very much in the bag on the issue of weak Wii straps.  With no official announcement by Nintendo, apparently Wii Systems are shipping with improved straps.

As you likely know, there has been a constant reporting of Wii related accidents:  both injuries and damage to personal property (and pride).

The new straps that Joystiq is showing appear thicker, and hopefully are stronger because of it.  I can personally say that I just bought a new Wiimote an hour ago, and the strap is the same as my launch ones.  Perhaps it's just the new systems that are getting the love, but either way, Nintendo seems very on the ball about the whole issue.

Check out the source link for the picture of the new super straps if the kitty isn't doing it for you.

[Source: Joystiq]

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