Critical Strike… Strikes Again!

June 13th, 2010 . by Josh

It’s been awhile since this subject last came up, but back in May of 2008 we joined a site formed around other podcasts called Platform Nation. It was about September or so of that year we also left Platform Nation due to some differences in opinion and we both just went our own separate ways.

Two years later and a bit of growing up between both, Critical Strike and Platform Nation have now once again joined forces to fight the evils that is…. something. We’re once again excited to be rejoined with some of our favorite podcasts and people we once worked with and hopefully it’ll be good for all the parties involved.

For those who do not know about Critical Strike, it’s a simple podcast that is recorded every fortnight by Josh and Kyle. We pretty much just discuss the games we’ve been playing and occasionally spice things up with discussions of video game music or retro game challenges between each other which serves as a nice way to introduce someone to a game they’ve never played.

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