August 27th, 2009 . by Josh

It’s pretty well known that in these parts of the great vast interweb we love our good friends The Megas and Entertainment System. After meeting both bands last year during their Megatainment Tour and hearing afterward that both bands decided to get together and work on a Mega Man 1 EP, you could easily say I was very excited for it.

Well the time has finally come, both bands have finally completed their ends of the EP and it’s available for public consumption! The EP is a four song face melting session of Mega Man goodness that is–in my opinion pretty fair priced at $5 if you so choose to buy it via digital download or a additional $3 for shipping of the cd!

I’d like to see our listeners support these two bands as they’ve given me some awesome tunes to play on Critical Music as well as being part of a growing list of video game based bands!

So if you’d like to hear a song from the album then go to The Megas myspace page or to buy the album head over to The Megas website and show them your support

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