Critical Music 03: HippoMix Part 3

November 20th, 2008 . by Josh

The long awaited finale of the Critical Music HippoMix has finally come! Sorry for the delay folks, I had a lot going on and I also just didn’t really feel up to working on this in the last few weeks but finally I’ve finished it up and now you can all listen to it!

Music in this episode: Ikaruga, J. Arthur Keenes – Automobiles, Killer7, PixelJunk Eden, Rocket Knight Adventures, Gareth Morris – (Atari ST) The Ancient Art of Chiptune, Castlevania, WipeOut Pulse, Zone of the Enders 2, Earthbound, Final Fantasy, Sonic CD, NHLPA `93, Boogerman, Tales of Symphonia, coda – Chocolate Rain 8Bit Remix, The Black Mages, The Go Team!, Tekken Tag Tournament, Double Dragon, Castle Crashers

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