Game Releases 3/11 – 3/17

March 11th, 2007 . by Josh

Going into mid March, moving the clocks forward and soon spring will, well spring! But that's one of the best times for gaming, all the summer releases will hit, we'll all be broke, yet strangely happy.

Playstation 2

  • God of War 2

Playstation Portable:

  • Call of Duty 3: Roads to Victory

Playstation 3:

  • College Hoops 2K7

Xbox 360:

  • Call of Duty 3 Gold


  • Top Spin 2
  • Battlefield 2: Complete Collection

Nintendo Wii:

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Nintendo DS:

  • Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach
  • Herbie Rescue Rally DS

I never said this week would be good, but of course there is God of War 2! Another thing, I decided to try and list only the AAA PC games for releases, there is just too much crap to try and post each week, just not worth it.

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