Armored Core 4 Details

February 19th, 2007 . by Josh

Those in the UK waiting to get their Playstation 3's will be pleased to know that Sega has revealed the street date for the release of Armored Core 4.

You probably want me to tell you the date right? Well, I'm not going to! Not yet anyways. But at least this game will be out soon after the consoles release, adding more fuel to why people should consider buying it.

Publisher 505 Games is pleased to today announce the April 27th release of Armored Core 4 on PlayStation 3. Armored Core 4
is the latest title in the historic mech-battling action and simulation
saga, and is the first ‘next-generation’ incarnation of the
internationally beloved franchise. This dazzling brand new chapter
offers the ultimate in fast-paced, high octane mech simulation.

Armored Core 4
exploits the awesome power of PlayStation 3 to deliver astounding
visuals and eye-watering special effects, including dynamic lighting
and shadows, swirling water and mysterious fog. Mech designs benefit
from massively more detailed 3D models and the arenas and environments
now offer a giant leap in interactivity and detail. Players can use
these interactive features to their advantage, for instance by smashing
open arena walls to let in the light and search for enemies, or by
hiding in water to ambush rivals.

If you're like me then you're looking forward to this game. I just hope Sega didn't drop the ball with it like they did with the next-gen current-gen Sonic games. Though still no release date for the UK release on the Xbox 360, at least you're getting it for one console.

[Source: Destructoid

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