Another Zombie Game

February 16th, 2007 . by Josh

There has been a lot of zombie love in the air. Capcom made Dead Rising, plenty of PC based zombie mods coming out and now Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders creator Hideo Kojima wants to make a zombie game.  In a interview with Edge Magazine the man had to say this:

The zombie idea I have is a bit different…Imagine a large town where
half the inhabitants are zombies. Users would subscribe, get inside the
town and get bitten. At that stage they become undead and can't control
their character – all they can do is modify the camera angles… They'd
see their character attacking humans and have to pay just to watch!
The only way they could end it is by opening another account,
hunting themselves down and killing themselves. Of course, the problem
is that your second character can get bitten as well

Although I'm not quite sold on the part where you can't control your zombie character, I think that would be pretty cool. Imagine getting the chance to blend in with the pack of undead, then sneak around and bite a player in the face. 

[Source: Kotaku

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