Battlestar to Xbox Live Arcade

February 12th, 2007 . by Josh

Geeks and nerds unite! Your favorite sci-fi tv series will be appearing on the Xbox on Live Arcade. Auran Games is developing the game to be a space shooter.

So if you love Battlestar, space shooting or just killing people in the Battlestar universe than this is for you. Though no other details of when it will be released or pricing, you can expect this game to top most other Live Arcade titles sale records.

"We have the likeness rights to talent from the show for video games,"
(NBC's VP Interactive) Kispert said, "but this game will put players in
a first-person perspective, allowing them to experience the world of
the show by piloting Vipers and Cylon Raiders, so there won't really be
room for actors in this game."

[Source: Kotaku

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