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February 5th, 2007 . by joshtest

LOTR1AGIWhos to say fantasy based MMOs never do anything new or revolutionary!

Well, I do. Anyway…

Seems Midway has such great hopes for the upcoming LOTR MMORPG, that they have decided to try something new, lifetime membership. For 200 dollars, you can play the game all you want, forevars. The math comes out to be that the 200 dollar fee is roughly 15 months worth of the game, so this has me wondering, since there is seems to be no hype and or interest in this game, does Midway actually PLAN on having this MMO last for more than 15 months?

However, you do receive an obviously kickass uh, ring of agility, and cloak of regeneration… as your special pre-sale items! UNIQUE LAWLS. 

From Midways press release;

The Lord of the Rings Online Founder's Program* offers players two different membership options:

* Only $9.99 per month subscription price!


* Just $199 for a Lifetime Membership!

In addition to these special pricing options, The Lord of the Rings Online Founders receive:

• Open Beta: Guaranteed access provides Founders the first
opportunity to create a character and enter Middle-earth currently
planned for March 30, 2007

• Character Roll-Over: Moves the character that you created during
the Open Beta into the live service –along with the stats, levels,
items, and experience that character earned prior to launch!

• Bonus Items: Two special in-game items that are only available to those who pre-order:

o Enchanted Cloak of Regeneration

o Ring of Agility

[Source: Kotaku

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