DS Gets Some Intergalactic Lovin’

February 2nd, 2007 . by jb

Spore ScreenWill Wright's new simulation game Spore is now hopping on the DS! 

For those of you who remember, Will Wright had expressed interest in possibly bringing the title to the DS, claiming that he approved of the interface.  It seems like an obvious transition, PC to DS, however graphically there should a massive difference.  The PC title Spore seems to be doing an awful lot in terms of anamorphic polygons, a capability I just don't see the DS handling.

This news came out of an EA quarterly conference call, along with My Sims for the DS and Wii platforms and SimCity for the DS.  EA big-wig, Warren Jenson, sounds off on the Nintendo platforms as if he were playing a game of Starcraft:

“We have shifted and acquired resources and are attacking these successful platforms.”

Talking about your business plan in terms of RTS-speak just makes it so much sexier, doesn't it?

[Source: Next-Gen

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