Tokyo gets smashT

January 31st, 2007 . by joshtest


Yes, you heard right. Godzilla is back.

Atari and Pipeworks have come together to release Godzilla: Unleashed.

This team is the one responsible for Rampage: Total Destruction and Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, so they get some credit.

Rick Mehler, Director of Marketing at Atari, has this to say about this new Wii title

Players will claw, kick, stomp, throw and blast their way through the
streets of major world cities in order to claim the ultimate, beastly
title: King of the Monsters… in Godzilla: Unleashed for the Wii,
players will tap into their inner monster powers when using the
system's wireless, motion-sensing controller.

Sweet deal, especially since Rampage has always been a dirty loving secret in everybodies lives. Either you love to eat chicken legs from broken windows, or random white blocks that are supposed to be obvious virgins. 

Oh, and Tokyo is getting pwnt.

[Source: Play-Nintendo]

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