3.10 goes LoL

January 31st, 2007 . by joshtest

SmashWell, as of two days ago, Sony had released the new firmware for their loving PSP. This version, 3.10, has various upgrades such as… uh, better playstation store GUI. And uh.. yeah, thats about it.

Now, the impressive note, is that within 24 hours, the usual homebrew community has already decrypted the firmware.

So what does this mean for people who don't keep up with the PSP developments? Well, for one, unsigned code in the form of other peoples applications for the PSP. From IR remotes, to VNC ports, just about everything you could want a handheld computer to do, someone has done.

Of course, the PSP can also play UMD games via ISO through a replacement firmware developed by Dark Alex. His Open Edition "OE" firmware allows you full rights and access to the latest firmware, without signed restrictions. 

Booting ISOs without extra programs? Check

Playing PSOne games (through use of his own popstation program)? Check

Location Free? Check

Full Homebrew capability? Check

Sex with midgets? Triple Check

Why Sony continues to release weekly firmware, with no actual upgrades, for the full purpose of breaking the pirate…. er homebrew community, I don't know. You'd think that since version 1.5 of their firmware, they'd have given up, as every firmware exceeding that has been decrypted quite quickly.

[Source: PSP Updates

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