Vista and DX10 Will Own Your Soul

January 30th, 2007 . by jb

Vista to Pwn?…or at least that is the line that Microsoft and Nvidia will tell you.  With Windows Vista hitting store shelves today, the Microsoft PR machine is in full swing.  Their target in this interview is PC gaming, and how it will revolutionize the market.

Rick Wickham, director of Games for Windows, fire the laser! 

"I think that the 2007 [top ten] list is going to look very, very different [from 2006's] and it's going to have a number of million sellers just in the US…I would not be at all surprised to see five titles on this platfrom sell a million units."

The games he calls out are what you'd expect: 

–  Spore
–  Crysis
–  Age of Conan
–  Hellgate: London
–  Supreme Commander
–  World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

The curious part of the interview is when they imply that casual gamers are going to see the most early benefit from Vista.

My first inclination was to that was:  Early adopters won't be casuals by a long shot.  An OS upgrade is something that people usually get when they buy a new PC.  Vista isn't going to be the casual users savior, simply because it requires an ass ton of PC power to run (well).

The article then says:  Nvidia estimates 13 to 14 million DX10-compatible GPUs will ship in 2007.

Shipped, but still a staggering number, considering there are only 10.4 million 360's shipped after a full year…

I'm not convinced to part with $2000 of my money just to build a solid rig for all this quite yet, but you've got my attention Microsoft. 

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  1. comment number 1 by: David Cochran

    No openGL support, zero games run better than in XP, a first serious benchmark test. Even with the SureFire whatever crap that predicts which programs you use most, the only thing Vista won on was video encoding. Everything else was either lame, or had zero support.

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