SpeedTree Makes Sexy Trees Sluttier

January 30th, 2007 . by jb

SpeedTree ToolEr…easier I mean.  As in easier to make…not sleep with.  Sorry for the misleading title dendraphiliacs…

SpeedTree is a multi-platform tool that allows the foliage in a game world to look super real.  I mean how did we ever enjoy games in the past without the trees dancing to the caress of the wind?!

Games in the past that have used the tool are Call of Duty 3, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Resistance: Fall of Man.  Yeah that's right.  Those games were easily 5.0's until the trees started waving.

In all seriousness, this tool is a nice way to help speed up development (at a price).  This tool alone won't make amazing games come out faster, but at least developers can focus more on gameplay instead of how treelike the trees are in the forest that you're blowing up. 

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