eBay Gets Serious On Virtual Property?

January 28th, 2007 . by jb

Ebay LogoAnyone who's played an MMO can tell you that there are things you can buy online to benefit your character in game.  Starting as far back as Diablo II, people have been shelling out their hard earned money to buy something to give them an edge in an online game.

The sale of in-game money and items is probably the birth of microtransactions now that I think about it…

eBay has always had a long standing policy forbidding the sales of unowned intellectual property, however it appears that they may actually be enforcing it now.  Seller's used to make the descriptions for the item misleading, as to thwart the policy.  Well that won't matter anymore!

Being an ex-avid MMO player myself, I can tell you straight up that this won't matter one bit.  While eBay may have been the most popular medium for selling your items, there are many other websites that do the same thing.  If anything is going to change, the game makers that are pissed are going to have to specifically target each individual seller.  Not likely…

It's a step in the right direction, but ultimately it'll have the same effect as me kicking a cat that invaded my property:  One cat may be gone, but many a cat will still live un-punted. 

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