No you can’t have an Xbox 360

January 26th, 2007 . by joshtest

NoXBoxThe Boston Channel is hosting a story about a teenager with cancer who was a target for thieves to steal his stuff. WHILE he was away during a chemo treatment!

From the article,

Jeff's sister, Katie Cota, discovered the crime when she came home from work on Sunday. His new XBox 360 and more than $1,000 worth of games and DVDs were missing from his room.

"I couldn't believe that someone would actually do that after everything that he's been through," Katie said. "They definitely knew that they were gone and that I was working. So, it's someone that we know."Police said that they believe the suspects who broke into the Georgia, Vt., home had been in the home before and knew that Jeff had cancer and was in Boston getting treatment

Luckily, when the news of what had happened got out in the town, a local radio station broadcasted the story, which was quickly swamped with calls pledging donations. One person even bought a new Xbox 360 and gave it to the station to give to Jeff. Pretty spiffy eh?

Oh, and I'm going to hell for the picture.

First class please

[Source: The Boston Channel

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