A Wii bit late…

January 25th, 2007 . by joshtest

Lets see, how long has it been since the Wii launch.

First, nothing online works. People complain about friend codes (meh), then it takes a while for the VC to actually work, even though it had a nice total of  10 games.

A month later we are presented with Wii Weather finally. Why it took so long for, I'm not sure.

Then we finally get our hands on Opera, which has been in development for mobile platforms for years, so again, why that took so long, I don't know either.

And now! People are getting EXCITED for the newest most useless thing ever! Wii News this Saturday! Because CNN and RSS feeds are totally new and exciting!

Even the Nintendo VP sounds excited by the news! Perrin Kaplan has stated,     

There were no immediate plans to sell advertising space. News will be displayed through an interactive map, which users can navigate with the Wii's wireless controller. The beauty of it is it zooms in and out of areas of the world. So if you really want to focus on regional news or national news versus international, you just blow up the map of the U.S.

Wow isn't this so exciting! A globe, and news on the globe, AND it zooms in!

In my opinion, all of these little extras were included a bit too late. Nintendo should have been able to get weather and news, along with the already ready browser together on release, or just have not included any of them. The Wii is a party system after all!

Now, I love my Wii, but lets not turn into fanbois here. Can you honestly say Nintendo shouldn't have had such simple things ready during the years of development they had?

 [Source: FoxNews]

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