Rival Swords… Err Nunchucks?

January 24th, 2007 . by joshtest

Well here we go, after hearing rumors of the unique controls being implemented into the Prince of Persia: Rival Swords for the Wii for quite a while, Ubisoft has finally decided to entertain us with a demo video utilizing the controls.
Even Ubisofts project producer, Ben Mattes, seems very excited about this release, saying, “I’ve spent a lot of time playing [Prince of Persia] games over the last few years, and Rival Swords for the Wii is by far my favorite.”

Now I must admit, I had to watch that video a few times in order to figure out what in the world was happening. The video so far is a collection of various points in the Two Thrones installment, which is what Rival Swords is based on.

Now the question stands, which is scarier, Ubisoft doing something right and original…. or those ghostly floating Wii controllers in the video?

[Source: Game Videos, 1up]

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