Lumines Add-Ons Go Live

January 24th, 2007 . by jb

LuminesMore Lumines packs to buy?  You bet your ass!

With the wild popularity of the Lumines series, it appears as though it's fanbase is going to be nickel and dimed to death with microtransactions.  Major Nelson has announced three new packs you can add to your Lumines standard edition.

The three new packs being offered are:

VS CPU Pack : 100 points
Puzzle/Mission Pack : 100 points
Heavenly Star Skin : Free until Feb. 21st

My take on Lumines is that you either love it or hate it, so assuming you love it (and you probably do), you will likely be buying these packs.

It's good to see XBL is still raping their userbase, just because they can. 

[Source: Major Nelson]

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