No PS3 Price Cuts Anytime Soon

January 23rd, 2007 . by jb

Jack TrettonIn a recent discussion with SCEA's Jack Tretton, he revealed that the PS3 will be difficult to reduce in price. When asked if the PS3 would reduce in price similar to the way the PS2 did in the past, he replied:

"No… There's a heck of a lot more under the hood and it costs us more money to make it"

I really hate the stance that Sony is taking with the PS3.  The following quote alone sums up the way they think about this stuff:

"I think the consumers that get their hands on a PlayStation 3 clearly see the value and not only want to buy one for $599, in some instances they're willing to pay ridiculous prices to buy one on eBay."

Sony doesn't get it.  The PS3 is going to have to be a gaming system first, Blu-Ray player second.  It's true, the PS3 is a great value…for a Blu-Ray player.  Not all gamers want Blu-Ray players.  End of story.

Now slash the price on this thing so I can buy it!

[Source: GamesIndustry

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