Crackdown Demo (360): Impressions

January 23rd, 2007 . by jb

Crackdown BoxartWell, with the Crackdown demo on Marketplace, it's only fair that we check out how the game is coming.  Is this going to be a good game…or a Halo 3 Beta vehicle?

This game has garnered a fair amount of attention, and has a new take on the typical sandbox design.

Is it different enough?  Does it offer enough to keep you coming for awhile? 

Lets dig!


Cell-shading to the max!  Cell-shading in this game is actually used in a very interesting way.  Usually, cell-shading is applied to a very artistic, yet low polygon game.  Crackdown appears to to quite the opposite.  Take Saint's Row and slightly cell shade everything, and you've got Crackdown.

I personally really liked the style of the game.


The gameplay in the demo is timed (when you get any skill to level 2), so you have to be quick about advancing if you want to get a full sense of the game.

I found the controls to be extremely intuitive.  Imagine Halo controls, and you're just about there.  Getting fully into the game, without worry of the controls, took me about 3 minutes.  Kudos all around.

All of your usual sandbox-style game missions were there.

  • Driving missions
  • Killing missions
  • Random item finding

Where Crackdown takes a new leap (pun!) is in it's character leveling.  As you further through the game, your character levels up his abilities based on the actions you do.  Shooting lots of people?  Your shooting ability goes up!  Driving over lots of people?!  Your driving ability goes…up!  Pretty nifty.

With the inclusion of online co-op mode, the demo really shines.  With the game's over-the-top atmosphere, laughing at the unfolding events.  Lets face it: this game is all about being a ridiculous super cop, and being ridiculous is awesome.


This game seems to deliver the standard sandbox design, with an RPG leveling aspect.  The demo build allows you to level up your abilities much faster, so it's hard to say how long it would take you to reach the top level of madness.  This game has some sweet aspects to it, but how long will it last?  I personally don't see this game offering too much more then your standard sandbox game.

Just give me my beta invite and I'll be on my way. 

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