Guitar Hero III Changes Hands

January 17th, 2007 . by jb

Guitar Hero MadnessThe beloved Guitar Hero franchise has been moved over to a new development team.  Harmonix will no longer be in charge of the game, handing the reigns over to Neversoft.  This move is likely due to the recent acquisition of Harmonix by MTV, and RedOctane by Activision.

Neversoft is primarily known for it's Tony Hawk games that it releases, so this step seems a bit off.  While Tony Hawk may have had good music in it, it certainly doesn't showcase any "rhythm game" action.

A new spin on this game should be embraced, as Guitar Hero II was basically a "roster update" for a guitar game.

Don't mess up our baby Neversoft…we know where you live… 

[Source: Next-Gen

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