Genji Creator Talks PS3 Development

January 17th, 2007 . by jb

Genji US BoxartIn a recent interview with Genji creator, Yoshiki Okamoto, some odd tidbits arose about the aim of the game itself.

Some of the crazy highlights of interview are:

  1. Genji was originally slated for the PS2
  2. Intended purpose of Genji was to showcase the power of the PS3
  3. Gameplay was purposely sacrificed for graphics

The interview is fairly lengthy, and an interesting read.  However, if this is the mindset of game developers (graphics over gameplay) then I really fear being a gamer in the future.  Hopefully this isn't a trend, and purely an isolated case.  We can all agree that games like Gears and Resistance have shown that you can have both quality gameplay and good graphics.

Sacrificing gameplay should be the last option…

[Source: Kikizo via NeoGAF

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