SquareEnix Gets Serious at GDC

January 16th, 2007 . by jb

Square EnixGaming juggernaut, SquareEnix, is set to give a keynote at the upcoming San Francisco GDC event.

Square's Chief Strategist, Ichiro Otobe, had this to say about his impending address:

"I am honored and excited to deliver the opening keynote at the Serious Games Summit GDC," said Otobe. "The serious games market represents a new outlet for our skills as a game developer, and it means that we will be serving totally different customers. As such, there are many different kinds of hurdles that must be cleared in order for it to offer meaningful opportunities. I plan to speak about Square Enix's approach to these challenges, and hopefully provide both business and design inspiration for everyone interested in the uses of games beyond entertainment."

What defines a "serious" game is anyone's guess, but I can't think of any games made by Square that would be considered a "casual" game.  All of this talk about "serving totally different customers" seems a bit odd.

Either way, it's always awesome to see what SquareEnix has under it's hood, and hopefully we'll get some updates  about their current works and platform targets.

Do I smell another DQIX size announcement coming? 

[Source: Kotaku

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