Official NPD Hardware Sales for December

January 11th, 2007 . by jb

It isn't pretty folks…in fact it's extremely messy.

I've taken the liberty of adding some color to make the chart seem happier. 

HW Sales (month and LTD)

    Nintendo DS:     1.6 million – 9.2 million
    PS2:                  1.4 million – 37.1 million
    Xbox:                360 1.1 million – 4.5 million
    PSP:                  953.2 K – 6.7 million
    GBA:                  850.7 K – 35.1 million
    Wii:                   604.2 K – 1.1 million
    PS3:                  490.7 K – 687.3 K

Most notably, the Wii appears to have undersold, the PS3 seems about at expected, and the 360 appears to have exceeded expectations slightly.

Obviously there are tons of factors that come into play, but numbers don't lie.  This console race isn't over…not by a long shot.

[Source: NeoGAF

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