Doom Creator Praises/Ignores the Wii Remote

January 11th, 2007 . by jb

John CarmackJohn Carmack, the creator of the revolutionary FPS Doom has spoken out about the Wii Remote in a recent interview with Game Informer.

"You can get ten times the graphics power, and you can make a prettier picture, but when somebody makes a new IO device that really changes the way that people interact with the game, that's going to have a larger benefit there.  So I'm really pleased with what they're (Nintendo) doing with the Wii and with the DS-and they're doing innovative things"

Sounds awesome right!  But then he follows it up with:

"But our current generation of game technology is not targeted at the Wii. Maybe that was a mistake on our part originally, but we have been looking strictly at the 360, PS3 and PC as what we want to simultaneously develop on. We probably aren't going to be able to hit the Wii with the same technology platform."

So the man likes innovation, but only cares about graphics in the end.  Can't say I blame him, as graphics in an FPS really enhance the experience.  Hopefully developers in the future will embrace the new design that the Wii offers, and us gamers can get some really innovative games to go with our really innovative controller.

 [Source: CVG]

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