Link to the Past: Makeover Edition!

January 10th, 2007 . by jb

Parallel WorldsDid you think that the Zelda: LttP needed some heavy edits?  Did you think the story was crap and needed a to be rewritten?!  Just plain like A Link to the Past and want to see it reskinned?

A team has been hacking the Link to the Past ROM and revamping everything.  From the item selections, to the enemies, to the baddies, to the character model.

This is similar to another project whose goal is remaking the Ocarina of Time by hacking the Link to the Past ROM. 

I actually think it's a pretty cool concept.  It really goes to show how loyal the Zelda fanbase is, that they're willing to take the time to recreate a game they love.  There should be little argument that LttP was one of, if not the best Zelda game made.  It's game design and spritey graphics have made it timeless, and I constantly revisit the gem myself.

[Source: Parallel Worlds via Kotaku

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