Wii Strap Lawsuit Persists

December 21st, 2006 . by jb

Wii StrapAs you may or may not know, Nintendo is replacing the old style Wii straps with beefier straps.  Some people claim that this program was devised to squash a class action lawsuit that has been filed against Nintendo.

Nintendo has openly said that this replacement program was well underway by the time this lawsuit even arrived, and that the lawsuit is completely without merit.  I agree.

One would think that a company willing to give out free improved Wii straps would be commended…but not these guys!  They are claiming that these new Wii straps are still unproven, and therefore the lawsuit will push on.

“There is no indication of the effectiveness of new strap.” 

They even went on to say:

"This whole suing thing was a great idea until Nintendo decided to freely replace the straps.  Now we just look like we're gunning for money because we're still suing them. We need to get together a bunch of people to wear these new straps and whip the arms around wildly until it breaks…yeah!  Yeah that's a great idea!  We have no dick."

OK, so maybe no one said the above…but you know that's how these people think.

[Source: Next-Gen]

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