Rainbow Six Vegas

December 14th, 2006 . by Josh

For all those who own this game, the next time you throw it in your Xbox 360, you will be greeted by a lovely auto update. As of late it seems there have been more patches and companies giving information of a upcoming patch (I'm looking at you Epic, Capcom). Is this a sign to come that hopefully game developers will actually spend time to improve their games? 

Hopefully but the way I see it, atleast for companies like EA auto patching is just another crutch to get their games out of beta 5 months after they've been released to the public.

But anywho for a list of changes to Rainbow Six Vegas here you go: 

Single Player

-Fixed bugs with voice recognition
-Fixed a bug that made the game crash when killing Dr. Smythe under a specific circumstance.


-Getting stuck at briefing screen when joining a match in progress
-Fixed a coop crash when failing a mission numerous times
-Fixed an exploit where observers received same kills as host in terrorist hunt
-Fixed a intermittent coop crash in map Factory
-Fixed a disconnection bug when host changes map
-Fixed a bug with live camera that forced a reboot.
-Fixed an issue with max players not being related to recommended players for maps.
-Added better feedback in the game search menus.
-Fixed a bug with the siege specialist achievement.
-Fixed players crashing when using shield and entering a game with shield restricted.
-Fixed a rare crash when starting a coop story game
-Fixed a bug that made the shield become invisible in certain circumstances.
-Fixed a display bug with weapons disappearing while using shield
-Fixed a crash while using the Live Vision Camera
-Fixed a display bug with the canister in retrieval staying visible after being taken.
-Fixed a random crash for clients in COOP games.
-Fixed a display error that showed 14 players instead of 16 for dedicated servers.
-Fixed a bug with score limits not working properly.
-Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented grenades from being used at game start.
-Fixed a crash through the world bug related to starting COOP games while playing Terrorist Hunt.
-Fixed a crash through the world bug in Casino COOP.
-Fixed a bug with invalid recommended players in COOP maps.
-Fixed a lockup in COOP mode related to clients joining a game late.
-Fixed a bug where a dedicated server set for 16 players only accepted 14.
-Added better feedback in the game search menus
-Remove proximity voice chat from team games.
-Adjust TerroHunt XP based on density setting:
– Fixed bug regarding voice chat – Now voice chat works for all players
– Fixed a crash where clients crash when host change map or quit the game before they have time to load lobby
-Fixed a crash when clientnt selects Option/ Map name either in the lobby or In game
-Fixed a bug related to the infiltration specialist achievement
-Fixed a bug where when score limit is 10 a game does not end when canister is deposited
– Fixed a bug in splitscreen:Crash when player 2 Press ready before player 1 in the login profile menu
– Fixed a bug where game occasionally crashes on boot at the Title Screen.

God damn, thats a big list! 

[Source: Major Nelson]

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