Capcom Showing Some Love

December 13th, 2006 . by Josh

Ever since the Dead Rising text problem, Capcom seems to be very responsive as to how their player-base feels about their games. From my perspective that's a wonderful thing. A company the size of Capcom actually listening to their fans? Literally insane, but amazing!

Capcom's statement to and changes to Lost Planet:

"Capcom has been reading boards, emails and blogs, collecting thoughts and ideas directly from our growing community. Capcom would like to thank all of those people who have taken the time to share their thoughts on Lost Planet; the game is now that much stronger for it," said a company spokesperson.

  • Private slots can be set by host.
  • Invite friends to a match.
  • Number of players in a room will be displayed next to name of the room.
  • Players will not be kicked all the way out to the main menu if they try to join a full game.
  • New button allows players to refresh the match list without going out to the main menu and selecting Quick Match again.
  • Players will now go to a post-game lobby at the end of a match, not kicked back to the main menu.
  • The ability to replay a match with the same group without leaving the post-game lobby.
  • Cycling maps on replayed matches when map selection is set to Random.
  • Text size on the team selection screen will be greatly increased when using non-HD resolutions.
  • When manual team selection is set to ON, players will have 20 seconds to form teams.
  • The time limit on each match will be maxed out at 60 minutes, instead of the current unlimited time.
  • A player's custom match criteria will now be saved.  

 Rock on Capcom!  Just bring me better Mega Man and Street Fighter games, and we can make sweet, sweet love again.

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