Halo 3 Beta For Sale! Almost…

December 12th, 2006 . by jb

Halo 3 LogoRemember that Halo 3 article I wrote?  The one that said:  "Future Headline: 'Halo 3 Accounts: $3,500 average on eBay'"?  That day is coming a lot faster then I thought.

An undisclosed website based in Europe is attempting to sell it's allotment of Halo 3 Beta invites.

In response, Microsoft sent a warning e-mail to all European based websites.  The e-mail states:

"If your site is found to be one of the offenders you will not receive any beta codes and will be removed from the XCN with immediate effect. We will also ensure that Microsoft will no longer have any involvement with your site"

I hurts to be so right…

[Source: CVG

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