The Sony Says: Production Problems Fixed!

December 11th, 2006 . by jb

PS LogoDavid Karraker, a Sony communications head, has announced that production of PS3 units are back on target.

     "While initial day-one launch shipment goals weren't achievable due to early manufacturing issues, those problems have been resolved and we do remain focused on having one million PS3s in the pipeline by December 31, 2006"

He goes on to remind us that while the PS3 isn't having a stellar launch, the PS2 is still selling like hotcakes.

    "The six year old PlayStation 2 continues to dominate the market, outselling all other computer entertainment systems in November, including much newer systems from the competition"

For Sony's sake, I'm hoping that comment was in reference to the XBox camp, as taking shots at the Wii doesn't seem very logical.

Either way, Sony seems to be stepping in the right direction again.  And for their sake: I hope it's true.

[Source: GamesIndustry

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