Take-Two Football Comeback?

December 11th, 2006 . by Josh

Am I physic or what, while playing Madden NFL 07 on the Xbox 360 yesterday with Keith, I mentioned that it would be neat if Take-Two made a football game with a different roster and such.

Today at work while reading the Kotaku RSS feed they have an article on how 2k Sports (Take-Two) will be making a football game next year based on historical players. This is good news for us, although, yeah it's historical football and all, but it's still competition for EA's Madden NFL which I believe has become extremely stale. Heres what IGN has to say:

"2K fans need to brush up on historical players (how can you play a game with legends if you can't tell Steve Young from Steve Bono?). And EA Sports is going to come out blazing with new features in Madden to try and hold off the throwback phenomenon Visual Concepts will finally announce sometime after the new year."

Hopefully all this will come true, and 2k Sports will get back to making a good football game, with an actual football feel, which like Kotaku said, "this rumored competition will light a fire under EA and Tiburon"

[Source: Kotaku

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