One Zelda Up, One Zelda Down

December 11th, 2006 . by jb

ZeldaWith the latest issue of Game Informer in hand,
The Hylia is reporting some bad and good news.

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass?  Delayed!

Zelda: Wii 2?  Already a year into development!

I was never a big fan of Wind Waker, so I don't know if Hourglass is going to make me happy or not.  It slipping isn't anywhere nears as big of news as the next Zelda iteration coming down the pipe sooner then later!

It's lame of me, but I'm already excited about this new Zelda title, even though I'm not even done with this one.  Because I'm bored of TP already, you ask?  Nay!  Because I've been doing a lot of party-style Wii'ing and I haven't had time to myself!

Hit the jump to discover what I want and don't want in the next Zelda title.


Things that I'd love to see in this new Zelda title are:

  • Improved Graphics
          We're on the Wii now, lets start making RE4-style graphics the standard
  • Better Soundtrack
          As much as I love the Zelda music, I don't like hearing dueling wolves f them up
  • Voice Acting
          I'm a bit torn on this one, but at least for the cut-scenes

Things that I'd hate to see in this new Zelda title are:

  • Drastically Changed Combat
          The combat in Twilight Princess works perfectly.  No problems executing moves on command
  • Re-styled Graphics
          Wind Waker never sat well with me, and remains the only Zelda title I have started and not finished
  • Changing the Formula
          It's Zelda, I'm buying it because it's Zelda.  Don't buy into the 8.8 "same formula" nonsense

This, of course, all changes if Nintendo is creating another Zelda side-game like Four Swords for the Wii, which is entirely possible.

Regardless of what the game is, though, I have full faith in Miyamoto & Company to create another masterpiece.

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