Left Handers WTFPWN At Gaming/Life

December 11th, 2006 . by jb

…at least that's what an Australian based study is showing. 

Lefties PWN!  Apparently...According to the tests conducted, it was concluded that information sharing between the hemispheres of the brain is more efficient in left handers.  The article even specifically calls out "fast computer games" as one of the activities that benefit.  The testing was done on 80 righties vs. 20 lefties.

My conclusion:  Bad…testing…practices

Only 20 lefties?  So just because you can't find droves of lefties, your "scientific" study has to be statistically flawed?

I know the study has little to do with gaming, but since the word "game" was mentioned, it's at least worth discussing.  I find it hard to believe that a lefty is able to game better then a righty, given that they are essentially playing everything in reverse (as just about everything assumes right-handedness by default).

So what do you think?  Lefties > Righties at gaming?

[Source: ABC via Eurogamer]

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