Metal Gear: Portable Ops

December 9th, 2006 . by Josh

Need a reason to brush all that collected dust off your PSP? Me too, but for this game, it will be worth it. Hideo Kojima and the crew at Kojima Productions have graced us again with another Metal Gear title for the Playstation Portable, how will this one hold up?

Well according to this review by it seems to hold up rather nicely besides some silly control and camera issues. But those issues can make or break a game like Metal Gear since it's game play is dependent on staying silent and hidden. With all that said, the game itself seems to work just fine for the PSP with several new things for the handheld such as Wifi play, in the end they scored the game a 8.3. But I'll just have to get myself a copy and see how accurate they are!

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