Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft … and Apple?

December 6th, 2006 . by jb

AppleBox PhatAccording to analyst firm, Prudential, Apple may be ripe enough to enter the game console business.

Already having iPod games in place and having a TV interface with iTV: it appears very possible.

With the entire iTunes library at their disposal, Apple could turn their potential gaming console into a "360-esque" media center.

    "Apple recently launched a limited videogames download service for the iPod, and has hired games developers specializing in both hardware and software…"

Just what we needed, another group of fanboys to enter the fray.  I'd take the Apple/Nintendo merger rumor over this one any day of the week.

Nintendapple?  Applendo?

Better those then this mythical "iWillCost2Much" system Apple may be cooking up.

[Source: Games Industry

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