Sony Is Probably Making A PSThrii-Mote

December 6th, 2006 . by jb

PSThwii-moteA patent that Sony filed has recently been dug up and exposed.  In it, the patent details out the use of a remote input device that would enable Sony's products to have mouse-like pointer capabilities.

While the patent doesn't explicitly specify which product it would be used with (although it does mention video game consoles as a potential candidate), it does make a few references to "Analog Stick" and "Directional Pad".  These references are talking about the current means of navigating their menus.

I don't know of any other Sony product that uses analog sticks to navigate menus aside from their game consoles, do you?


Take this motion sensing part of the Sixaxis… now stick one of these mouse-like pointer device jobbies in it…


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