Doctor Stiles?!

December 6th, 2006 . by Josh

Yeah yeah, anyway, Trauma Center was one of the games for the Nintendo DS, that had me hooked to the way the hand held would lend itself to different style games. But when I heard it was coming out for the Nintendo Wii, All I said was, "Well I don't see how it would really work on the Wiimote, shakey hands, you can't sense pressure of your movements" etc.

But they definatly proved me out to be a liar with Trauma Center 2: The Second Opinion, and they seem to have made others realize the same as well.

This brings me to GameTrailers video review of this Wii launch game, albeit a bit late, but it's a game I don't think anyone should over look, It's also my top played game at this moment so their 8.2 score should not push anyone away from trying it out. 

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