Editorial: My Mini Wii Rant

December 5th, 2006 . by jb

No WiiOnline for Wii Sports is no where to be seen.  One of the reasons Nintendo gave for the name, "Wii", was that it was like "We", as in "We play together."  The "We" in Wii Sports does not exist unless you have someone to play with locally.  Nintendo hyped up their online, and specifically the Wii Channels.  Currently, the News and Forecast channels are not online yet.  Huh?  How am I supposed to know what the weather is doing outside while I'm bowling without the Forecast Channel, Nintendo?!  Another thing that is missing is being able to see the achievements of your Mii friends who have sent you their Mii's.  (Am I the only one who is f-ing hating this naming scheme of Nintendo's?)  I can see Josh's Mii, but not his accomplishments or Mii fitness rating or anything.  That's lame.  Sure it's nice to have your friends' Mii's in your baseball lineup or see them walking around and bowling at the alley, but without any stats or ways to compare accomplishments, it's all rather meaningless.  Sort of like using the Wii to communicate with your friends.  I don't know I have a message waiting for me while the Wii is on unless I actually go to the Wii menu and then to the message area.  If I turn the Wii off (sleep mode) I may see a flashing light on the front, but it's a little damn late to get my attention at that point.  I turned it off because I was DONE!  Not because I want to see if I have a message!  You can forget about watching a movie with that damn blue light flashing on and off the way it does when you have a message!  It's an f-ing distraction, and really the whole messaging aspect is lame.  If you have WiFi in your house, and don't own a computer, you're probably not going to be spending a lot of time sending messages to your friends over the Wii anyway.  I can see using it to leave messages to others in your house, but you still don't need to see a blue light flashing at you while the Wii is in sleep mode.

Whew, I finally got that off my chest.  I feel better. :) 

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Nick Maselli's Thoughts:

I have to say, I share all of Keith's concerns, just not as extremely.

Is it a massive disappointment that certain channels weren't activated at launch?  No.
Is it a disappointment at all?  Yes.

Realistically, I don't think I'll be using the Forecast or the News channels much, if at all.  Where Nintendo really dropped the ball is in the Internet Channel.

Being able to surf the net from your Wii (while sounding dumb) could be used by children to find cheat codes and walkthroughs, without disturbing their parents or leaving their TV.
Being able to go to and play those nifty flash games would have been awesome.

I'm extremely more satisfied with the Wii then I am disappointed.  It is a video game console, not an all-in-one wonder.

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