Wii Accidents Make Yahoo! News

November 30th, 2006 . by jb

Broken Wii StrapQuestion:  Is this story being blown way out of proportion?

Answer:  Probably

As a Wii owner myself, I can't say I haven't witnessed some slips.  But I can also say that I make sure anyone who straps up isn't a complete tard.  I've had roommates, friends, and even cousins slip up with their Wii Sports actions.

Heart Flutters: 3      Broken TVs/Wii-motes: 0

On the one side of the coin, clearly these players are immersing themselves within the games they play.  On the other side…these people were picked last in gym class.  Anyone with decent motor skills can tell you that it isn't difficult to s i m u l a t e motions, without actually doing them.

[Source: GoNintendo

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