Editorial: Gaming Journalists Not 100% Satisfied With Wii

November 30th, 2006 . by jb

There has been a trend amongst gaming sites lately that involves listing what about the Wii they don't like.

This to me is painful and exciting at the same time.

How you ask?!  Let me explain:


Obviously, no one likes to hear that a product the industry has been anticipating so heavily, has flaws.   Enough flaws, in fact, that just about every gaming site I visit on a regular basis has an article detailing them out.

We all know that Nintendo's new baby isn't perfect, but the fact that there are so many articles out there on this subject (and not so much on the PS3) leads me to…


The sheer amount of people expressing their disappointments with the system are nitpicking the system apart.  But I'm sensing tough love here.

The PS3 isn't exactly shining in terms of it's capabilities yet either, but why the lack of internet flaming?

    1)  Barely anyone really owns one

    2)  No one is really excited yet about the PS3 (Launch titles…?  What launch titles?)

    3)  The PS3 is flawless! 

I've got my money on a combination of 1 and 2.  I personally would be fully enjoying the PS3 coming if I had the cash to get one, or if I could get one at all, or if it launched with that magic "$600 game". 

Whether you love or hate the Wii, one thing remains:  It's the newest gaming platform of choice for the majority of gamers until the PS3 steps it up.

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